Why Bahati’s baby mama is seeking beauty help

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Every plus size lady who wishes to lose weight tries hard in all ways to get her perfect size. There are challenges of losing weight which aren’t clear to everyone trying to. There are health issues which can’t allow you to do some vigorous exercise while losing weight may also have effects on your body.

Apart from losing weight, you may experience other issues. It is the case for Bahati’s baby mama, Yvette Obura, who is seeking for help after her weight loss journey went wrong. She developed acnes on hr chin and chest.

She asked for help through her Insta stories where she wrote; “Remedies of hormonal acne anyone? Or recommendations to a good dermatologist? In as much as I love intermittent fasting, it came with very bad acne around my jawline and chest area.”

She had previously indicated that her weight gain was due to the wrong choice of contraceptive; “But ladies before you get your family planning done seek doctor’s advice first. As in your hormones will always determine what method suits you.

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I hate how people see me nowadays and tell me ‘pesa ni mzuri unakula nini skuizi?’ no boo! I used the wrong method of family planning. Young and naive I was just trying to be cautious and I added 15 kgs in six months, so ladies don’t let this happen to you. Slowly working out.”

Apart from the acne, she is looking gorgeous after her serious dedication to a diet.

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