Renowned Kenyan pastor cons Nakuru residents

Nakuru town is full of mysteries,from selling cat meat to now conning people.

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A renowned pastor and an associate of the Global Gospel Ministries based in Kaptembwa Nakuru, has been conning Nakuru residents and others from the nearest towns with Job offers .

The Pastor conning Nakuru residents

More than 200 people left their previous jobs so as to get into this new ‘well-paying’ research job allegedly financed by the World Health Organisation (WHO), only to wait for three months with nothing forthcoming.

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The pastor had asked them for money so as to get this high paying job.They had paid Kshs. 5,000 while other Kshs. 10,000 .

The pastor works with a Dr. John Kute to defraud people. They have set up a fake recruitment agency and a fake website too.

A fake website

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