Monday’s hottest! Fena rocks Bikini as Vera taunts team mafisi with a nude

Fena Gitu froze the Internet on Monday with her Bikini photos, this ranking among the hottest conversations of the day.

The Female artist is known to rock outfits that are more of masculine and today she decided to go all the way out and show her fans the side of her that they have never seen.

She slays when she wants! and these photos have excited fans while others admitting that they never expected this from her.

β€œA woman comfortable in her skin and body’That would be my description for these photos.

Perhaps everyone would have their own description and it is not just team mafisi who came out to acknowledge this gorgeous look. Even the ladies too flooded her comment section.

Interesting that the ladies were even on the frontline saying that she should rock this look quite often.


Sasa wenye walikua wanasema unataka kuwa boy wataambia watu nini πŸ€”

Do this more @fenamenal you are killing it1hReply

But will Fena heed to the advise of her fans or this is just a once in a while kind of thing?

It will only take a matter of time to have the answer to this but incase you want more of Bikini photos I know a socialite who can frequently serve us this look.

Vera Sidika! from her, it is not just in bikini wears but she parades her goodies bare sometimes.

Today was one of those days and team mafisi could not resist or filter their thoughts which were triggered by this photo.

Some complained that their boxers were torn while others simply admired what they had been served.

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As usual there are some who could not hold back but blast her for posting such a photo.

Vera has also been branded as an attention seeker and it makes me wonder what her intention is whenever she shares such photos.

Have a look at the reactions


Lakini hii matako yote ni ya nini??


is this a drawing or a photo????even if it’s fools day can someone explain this


I am drooling πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹ beginning to doubt whether am straight 😍😍


Hahahahaha@quincia_queenΒ come see your twinπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ ako tuputupu….


Attention seekerπŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ


Respect urself

Image result for stop sending nudes meme

Does the moral police walk these social media streets?
Last time I checked Akothee had it rough and even told she was not a role model.

This is not the first time Vera has shared naked butt photos and this is definetly not the last.

What do you think about this freedom of posting such revealing photos?

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