Diet turned disaster! Why Bahati’s ex Yvette Obura is now pleading with fans for help

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Yvette Obura is looking gorgeous after her serious dedication to a diet.

The best and quickest way to lose weight is religiously following the intermittent fasting. Well, this is an eating pattern where you cycle between periods of eating and fasting. It does not say anything about which foods to eat, but rather when you should eat them.

The mother to singer Bahati’s first-born daughter has been struggling with weight loss which has been successful, losing up to 15kgs but something didn’t go well.

In her journey, Yvette Obura has developed serious acne on her chin and her chest. This is worrying her to a point she went on social media to seek help.

Remedies of hormonal acne anyone? Or recommendations to a good dermatologist/ In as much as I love intermittent fasting, it came with very bad acne around my jawline and chest area.

In the past, she revealed that she had used a birth control method that did not go so well with her body which then led to gain weight.

She wrote:

But ladies before you get your family pannig don, seek Doctor’s advice first. As in your hormones will always determine what method suits you. I hate how people see me nowadays and tell me ‘pesa ni mzuri unakula nini skuizi?’ No boo! I used a wrong method of family planning. Young and naive I was just trying to be cautious and I added 15 KGS in six months, so ladies don’t let this happen to you. Slowly working out.

Yvette Obura

Life is a two-way street and now that she gave her fans some advice on birth control pills, she is desperately seeking your help so that she can get her normal face back.

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