Bahati’s Baby Mama Exposes His Terrible Behaviours

Yvette Obura with her daughter Mueni Bahati

Yvette Obura , Gospel Musician’s Bahati Baby Mama has again come open about their co-parenting which in turn exposed the embattled artist’s behaviours.

Giving birth to her daughter Mueni Bahati sometimes in 2015, the mother of one says her post-partum experience is the worst thing that ever happened in her life revealing that Bahati was missing in action when their daughter was born.

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On her facebook account, she reveals that being a first-time mother she didn’t know anything about caregiving yet she was all alone without anybody to help her.

Yvette says that her breast milk dried up because she wasn’t eating, she explains that she was not able to cook while at the same time look after the baby.

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“My lowest was 2015 when I got pregnant yaani men, men men how many times have I called you??? Stesema mengi lakini I hate my pregnancy period to date. 1st time mom, went through the knife I was alone Ata kule sijui 1week later maziwa ilikauka because I wasn’t eating.. I didn’t eat for one good month because I wasn’t able to cook,” wrote Yvette Obura in part.

Bahati’s baby mama further said that she was forced to feed her baby ordinary milk since it was the only one she could afford. Babies are usually fed NAN Infant Formulas if breastfeeding is impossible or insufficient.

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“I fed kababy with maziwa fresh ya ng’ombe.. She used to cry mpaka one day she was asleep nikasema nikimbie shop kununua soda na chapo. neighbour akaniuliza (a man) I really hope wewe na baby mko Sawa juu the way she cries aki nililia Ata hiyo soda sikunywa..” Yvette recounted.

Yvette finally moved back to her mother’s house after going through hell raising her newborn baby alone. By the time she was moving back she had lost almost 30 kilos.

“I went back home and my mom cried I was so pale with almost 30kgs down. I remember crying everyday kama nimelala kwa floor na mtoto hapo Kando. I just thank God for my mom na kwetu sitoki juu men are scam.”

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