Bahati’s Baby Mama Cries Out Loud on How She Suffered With the Singers Kid as She Vows to Avoid the Altar

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Bahatis baby mama Ms. Yvette Obura narrated how she suffered when she was pregnant with bahati’s first born child, claiming she slept hungry for days and suffered through a number of trials back in 2015.

Yvette took to facebook to talk about her lowest moments of her life.  yvette also claimed that she was unable to feed her daughter as  she wasn’t producing enough milk.

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“My lowest was 2015 when I got pregnant. yaani men men men, how many times have I called you??? sitasema mengi lakini I hate my pregnancy period to date. First time mom, went through the knife and I was alone. I did not even know how to raise a child. One week later, my milk dried up because I was not eating. i didn’t eat for one good monthbecause i wasn’t able to cook. i fed kababy with maziwa fresh ya ng’ombe. she used to cry mpaka one day she was asleep nikasema nikimbie shop kununua soda na chapo. neighbour akaniuliza (a man) i really hope wewe na baby mko sawa ju the way she cries aki. nililala ata hiyo soda sikukunywa ” said Yvette.

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Yvette also claimed that she has no plans whatsoever to get married following the suffering she went through without bahati’s help even after he was making a living out of his music career, claiming that all med are scam.

“I went back home and my mom cried. I was so pale with almost 30kgs down. I remember crying every day kama nimelala kwa floor na mtoto hapo kando. . I just thank God for my mom na kwetu sitoki ju men are scam” she added.

Yvette also claimed that she had to move back to her parents’ as a result of her situation. She had earlier accused Bahati of abandoning his paternal duties after having refused to ever acknowledge their daughter only to later apologize after the news reached to the public.

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