Ommy Dimpoz says his ailment did not affect his manhood

Tanzanian artist Ommy Dimpoz has made it clear that his manhood was not affected during his ailment period and he is still very functional.

The Singer spoke about this matter during an interview when he addressed his fans concern about him appearing to be weak.

Ommy Dimpoz is still on his recovery journey after the multiple surgeries he went through last year during the ailment.

The artist says that the only part of his body that was affected was from his waist towards the top and not towards the bottom.

He also added that he is very energetic more than ever before.

Ommy however says that the surgery was not a joke and was something major. For this reason he revealed that there are doctor’s instructions that he works on a daily basis.

This might have affected a part of his lifestyle but he feels okay since it is part of the recovery process.

The Singer gave an example saying that he is now limited on the amount of food he consumes in a day. Something that is new to him since he used to eat large quantities.

Ommy is recovering pretty well and not just in the health aspect but also lighting it up again in the music scene after the long break.

For his fans who might have thought that his ‘bedroom abilities’ had been crippled by the surgeries, Ommy Dimpoz has assured his fans that he is still strong enough to handle that too.

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