Common Mistakes Ladies Do When Washing Their Hair

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It is said that the your hair is weakest when it is being washed. THs is becasue most of the essential oils have been washed away as well as the protective mask e wear as hair moistuizer.

We often make flimsy mistakes in our hair routine especially when washing. Washing your hair should be taken as seriously as moisturizing and treating it.

The process entails some important steps. First, you need to wash your hair with shampoo then use a conditioner into your hair to make its texture soft. Finally, use the leave-in conditioner. 

Most people make mistakes while washing their hair. Some of the mistakes include;

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1. Washing with hot water

If at all you feel like you should not wash your hair with cold water, you better wash it with warm water but not hot water. The high temperatures in hot water will make your hair become dry and opens up the hair cuticles which is dangerous to your hair. Once the cuticles are open, the essential oils can easily be lost from your hair.

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2. Using the wrong shampoo

Not all shampoos are really good for your hair. Some shampoos are harmful to your hair. A good shampoo should suit the oily and dry hair. Some shampoos contain silicone which is not good for your hair.  Silicon makes your hair dry and can block the hair follicle hence stunted growth to your hair. So when buying shampoo, check if it has this component.

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3. Brushing hair while washing it

Some people brush their hair while on the process of washing it to detangle it. This is harmful because your hair breaks more easily when it is wet. Instead, wash it away and when you are through, you can brush it gently.

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