K24 TV presenter flaunts with her second baby bump

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K24 news anchor, Isabella Kituri seem to have moved on after losing her husband to colon cancer. She is pregnant with her second child. Her baby bump is widely visible in a short clip she shared on her Instagram page where she was seen dancing and rubbing it.

Isabella lost her husband when their son was three months old and had been married for only one year. She previously narrated; “I mourned for eight years between 2005 and 2013. It was a shock, like a never-ending nightmare. I had been married for just one year.”

She disclosed that a talk with her pastor helped her move on. He told her that ‘It’s not fair to you or him. He would wish for your happiness, not misery.’ That’s when she removed her wedding ring band; “I had a meeting with myself. I had to stop behaving as if the world owed me for the loss and pain I suffered. I began to train myself to see the world as a stage of opportunities.

I stopped feeling that people around me should give me their shoulder. Instead, I started sharing my experience, empowering others in similar situations. I became more useful to the universe. I called myself ‘Blessed Bella’ as a mantra to remind me I can be happy again.”

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