Churches table fresh demands ahead of the constitution review

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Churches have made fresh demands should constitutional changes take place.

Through the National Alliance of Registered Churches of Kenya, they are demanding the state to legitimise their court, just like kadhi’s courts. Could ‘man of God’, the Neno Evangelism Centre boss be the idea behind this push?

According to a local daily, the alliance also wants the government to consult the church on offences by any of its officials before proceeding to court.

The alliance chairman Bishop Samuel Welimo spoke to journalists in Bungoma on Tuesday.

Bishop Samuel Welimo address a past function last week in Nairobi/BRIAN OJAMAA

“We demand that our court be approved during the Constitution review, as it is for Muslims,” Welimo said.

“Christians are asking the state to constitute a church court and consult it on any offences by the clergy before arresting them for prosecution,” he said with the rider that the alliance is not sympathetic to pastors who commit wrongs in the name of the church.

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While the law should take its course, he said, the state should first consult the umbrella of the church” before any arrest of church leaders”.

The cleric said consultation will enable the state to confirm the mistake “before bringing shame to the servants of God by putting them in police custody, the way it was done to Pastor James Ng’ang’a on March 17”.

Welimo, who is also the presiding bishop of Hope of God Gospel Mission in Busia, said “Jesus said woe to anyone who puts obstacles or offence before his servants.”

He said, “The Christian church is not there to compromise the word of God. That’s why it cannot approve any legalisation of sinful behaviour like homosexuality and lesbianism.”

Do you think Churches should be allowed to have their own Courts just like Muslims?

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