NKT! How can MPs demand accommodation in 5-stars hotels while Kenyans are dying of hunger??!

Members of the 12th Parliament have returned with their quest for higher perks and improved living standards which now include accommodation in five-star hotels in the city.

Championing for the costly luxury lifestyle for the lawmakers is Nyaribari Masaba MP Ezekiel Machogu who doubles as chair of the House members’ services and facilities committee.

On Tuesday, March 26, It was revealed that Masaba-led house committee presented the revised demands after jetting back from a bench-marking mission abroad including in New Zealand and India.

According to the committee, countries like New Zealand, for example, accommodate the legislators, their guests and spouses in five-star hotels in the city under a programme dubbed Whelington Housing allowance.

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Families of the New Zealand MPs also get to retain the luxury hotel accommodation for six months in the event the lawmaker dies and an extended one month accommodation for MP who loses his seat.

The cost of accommodation in a five-star hotel in the said foreign country is estimated at KSh 400,000 per legislator.

The Kenyan lawmakers are now demanding to be treated like their New Zealand counterparts.

Besides accommodation in five-star hotels in the city, the Kenyan MPs would also retain their current perks which include KSh 5 million car grant, KSh 10 million medical cover and KSh 20 million mortgage allowances.

At the same time, they are pushing for review of their car grant and mileage allowances and are demanding for a sit-down with the Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) and Parliamentary Service Commission.

As if that is not enough, they also want a brand new office block complete with gift shops and open sky view.

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