Accountant by day Hitman by Night: The Narrative of ”Kimathi” a Killer For Hire

This is an inside narrative of a man identified as Kimathi who is an accountant by day and a gun for hire by night.

A local paper got hold of him through a popular televangelist who serves as his spiritual godfather.

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“I am an accountant. If you need to balance your books, just let me know. I am not formally employed, so I go to people’s offices, work for a day or two, and get paid,” he disclosed.

Kimathi recalled his first victim was a man who resisted during a robbery attempt in Nairobi.

“It was at night and I asked the man for his wallet, phone, and watch. He lunged at me and I was holding a knife. So I stabbed him several times and he fell down.

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“Once the first person dies, then killing a second person isn’t too hard. The first time is usually the toughest, at least for me it was the toughest,” he mentioned.

The highest amount he has ever been paid to kill is Ksh5.2 million and the least is Ksh500,000. 

He alleged he once received Ksh3 million bonus for a job well done.

Kimathi revealed that most of the contract he takes are business related and avoids jobs revolving around marital issues.

“I can’t touch children, men of God, judges, police officers or politicians. But men and women are fair game.”

 He intimated most hitmen execute murders disguised to appear like robberies.

“You don’t shoot a man in the head. Shoot him in the chest, two or three times, drive away in his car and steal something from him. That will make it look like a carjacking” he intimated.

Kimathi did not details that can be pinpointed back to him when asked how clients contact him.

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“If you want a stolen car, you’ll find one. If you want drugs or an illegal gun, you will find them. There is nothing you can’t find if you look hard enough.”

During the interview, the man of cloth justified his association with Kimathi citing that everyone is welcome into the house of God.

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“Our work as church leaders is not to judge, but to guide.”

“You don’t choose who to preach to or who to chase away. You accept everyone and hope that one day, they will change their ways and turn to God.

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