This is how Uhuru embarrassed his Cabinet in Namibia

Foreign Affairs CS Monica Juma, Trade and Industrialization CS Peter Munya and Agriculture CS Mwangi Kiunjuri had their faces bowed in shame, as a visibly agitated President Kenyatta scolded them.

The three Cabinet Secretaries accompanying President Uhuru Kenyatta in Namibia suffered embarrassing moments as the Head of State publicly dressed them down, even questioning their seriousness in addressing issues raised by Kenyans living in diaspora.

But just what is it with the President?

The scolding came when President Kenyatta spent part of his 3-day tour of Namibia with Kenyans working and living there listening and responding to their questions.

Uhuru shames three Cabinet Secretaries at a public forum

The Cabinet Secretaries accompanying him had a not so interesting time as President Kenyatta reprimanded them one after the other, apparently, for failing to treat issues raised with the deserved seriousness.

CS Mwangi Kiunjuri yet again on the receiving end.

“I am looking now at my brother Kiunjuri, he has just opened his note pad to write down what I am saying…He was not interested in noting down what these Kenyans are saying because it had nothing to do with ministry of agriculture…He is forgetting that he’s a minister in the government of Kenya, and whatever is said here, he should be interested in knowing what are these people telling us…,” said Kenyatta.

CS Peter Munya, who heads the Trade and Industrialization docket was not spared and neither was the President’s private secretary Jomo Gecaga.

“The same applies to you bwana Munya, you are just staring and not just my Cabinet Secretaries, I have a long serving PA, just staring, looking at the time. Its left up to me to remember and in case I forget, the issue is not addressed ( I have a long serving PA, anaangalia tu, anaangalia masaa, inabakia ni mimi nikumbuke, nisipokumbuka, hiyo inaenda hivyo…),” said Kenyatta.

Kenyans in Namibia, just like their colleague citizens in other countries, had complained of delays in issuance of Kenyan passports and other vital identification documents due to government bureaucracy.

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