Your Wife Will Cheat On You If You Do These 3 Things

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Women are the most resilient beings when it comes to family challenges. They would put up with so much disappointment without giving up. They give up when they hit a dead end where they cannot hold on any longer.

A good number of women would just find alternatives for happiness without destroying their marriages. be careful how you handle her lest you become a second option.

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they will never disclose source of hapiness

You could be shocked at the number of women who actually have a separate partner other than their significant other. They too engage in extramarital sex and you won’t know it. their game is so up up up!. However, ey don’t just do it, for a woman to get into such levels, there must be a cause. Just stick around and find out!

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The unique thing about women relationships is that they are kept private. Unlike men who cheat blatantly and often get caught, women are hardly caught. But why would a woman who is married resolve to cheating and at the same time stick to her marriage? here is why!

1. Neglect

when men forget their marriage vows and subject their wives to neglect, then the results are obvious. Since women are emotional beings, they would go for attention where it is well offered. They value attention and affection. If you neglect her and she still smiles to you, just know she is getting affection elsewhere.

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2. Revisiting your past relationships

If you keep ties with your Ex-lover and your wife finds out, then you risk losing her to another man. Women want to be in a marriage which is secure. keep off from commenting on photos of your ex-lover or crush on social media.

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when they call or text you ignore and make it known to them that you are married and act as you mean it. When you give attention to your ex-lovers they might disrespect your wife.

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3 your wife might be attracted to other men to Revenge

If you make it known to your wife that cheating is normal for men, then you hurt her. A hurting woman is skillful in revenging.

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She will squarely calculate her moves to revenge and as they say, when a woman starts to revenge even the devil himself takes a pen and a paper to take notes

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