Meet the Kenyan youtuber making waves online with her physique and water bottle regime

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A stunning Kenyan Youtuber has taken social media by storm after flaunting some killer workouts using a queer choice of weights.

Mitchelle Adagala gave both ladies and the men a brilliant life-hack after exhibiting some superb work out drills using water bottles.

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While many use water in the gym for some form of relief when a workout gets intense, Adagala instead uses it for the gains, with outstanding results.

In a video she posted online, the fitness guru showed everyone just how it is done as she took to some back workouts using a 20 litre bottle full of water.

Think of it this way, the water you usually find in your dispenser at the gym is the same water someone else is using to boost her core and back strength. Pretty amazing.

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Her workouts mainly targets individuals who may be eager to embark on a fitness journey but may not necessarily have the time to go to a gym.

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Her body is serious body goals giving many men sleepless nights and women can get exclusive tips from her.

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