How Two Rivers Mall Ferris Wheel is changing the face of Nairobi

Two Rivers Mall Ferris Wheel

Africa’s largest Ferris Wheel dubbed ‘face of Kenya’ recently opened to the public at Two Rivers Mall in Ruaka, Nairobi, offering riders incredible panoramic views of the Kenyan capital.

The 60-metre tall amusement park-style attraction, held together by its crisscrossing steel beams,  was opened last month by Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta an is already attracting many who had been only seeing the wheel in pictures.

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The ‘Eye of Kenya’ consists of 40 fully enclosed air conditioned cabins each sitting up to six passengers who are taken 60 metres above the ground in safety and comfort of the full circle ride.

The Ferris Wheel, whose cost is yet to be disclosed, has gifted Ruaka its most eye-catching landmark.

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According to Two Rivers Mall owners, the wheel is designed as a key highlight of the mall’s theme park that includes quad bikes and waterpark.

“This was a dream I had and seeing it come to life has been an honour. I appreciate the hard work and dedication of the team,” said Chris Kirubi, a director of Centum Investments, which partly owns the massive shopping mall.

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The Ferris Wheel rotates very slowly but constantly, to allow riders to get on and off without stopping. At Two Rivers Mall, the ride takes about 17 minutes and costs Sh500 per person.

Standing 60 metres tall, the Two Rivers Mall Ferris Wheel is Africa’s tallest wheel – taller than The Cape Wheel in South Africa, and La Grande Roue in Algeria – both of which are 40 metres high.

Here’s the video;

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