Natural Ways Men And Women Can Boost Their Fertility

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We have heard the most absurd things people do to improve their fertility and frankly i doubt if any of them work. Things like drinking cough syrup, holding your legs up for an hour everyday among others.

While most of these old wives’ tales are nonsense, there are a number of natural ways to increase your chances of conceiving. Here are some:-

  1. Stop Smoking
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Smoking significantly increases the time it takes to get pregnant, and even passive smoking has a detrimental effect on both the male and female reproductive system, so it is best to avoid situations where you may be tempted to smoke or likely to intake large amounts of passive smoke.:

2. Reduce Stress

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Reducing stress may be easier said than done, but it can really help to boost your fertility. In extreme circumstances it does have the potential to negatively impact the female reproductive system and can be associated with ‘lower fecundity’ or fertility potential.

3. Cut back on alcohol

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Drinking alcohol can reduce the chance of conception for women by over 50%. Moderate drinking will not solve this problem as expertes say that even a moderate alcohol intake of five drinks or less per week may contribute to the risk of certain types of infertility.

In men, excessive alcohol consumption interferes with hormone levels, affecting sperm quality and production.

4. Exercise Regularly

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If you already love hitting the gym, you might be boosting your fertility without even knowing it. According to Dr Amin Gorgy, a Fertility Consultant, Exercising at an optimum rate for your body type and ability will help you become stronger, preparing your body for pregnancy, but excessive exercise can reduce the chance of regularly ovulating every month and hence lower the chances of conceiving, so exercise in moderation.”

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