Governor Josphat Nanok refutes Turkana drought claims

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After local media houses aired perennial headache at Turkana County, Governor Josphat Nanok has refute claims that drought is killing Turkana residents.

He says the pictures going viral is not true and it undermines government efforts to address the situation.

“Social media has been awash with pictures from past cases, others not Kenyan of victims of drought and other disasters. This widespread misinformation undermines effort by govt and partners to address the situation which, though serious, isn’t in level depicted thru’ the images”he tweeted.

Currently Turkana County which is considered as the cradle of mankind is facing severe drought, a situation that has made it difficult for locals, whose huge population comprises pastoralist communities, to go about their daily activities.

County statics detail that 800 households are currently faced with starvation.

Already locals have raised an alarm over deaths of two people due to the hunger pangs with focus now on the state to come to their aid.Locals in Turkana West are among the worst hit as pasture continues to dry and livestock succumb to the drought.

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