Revealed:Alfred Keter refute claims by police that varsity student was killed by mob Justice

Killed student leader

Nandi Hills MP Alfred Keter has revealed that the police officers took OCs Ragina city mortuary while he was still breathing.

The MP further states that the OB at Central Police station reads he was killed by mob justice while its clear he had bullet wounds.

In a statement posted on his facebook page,Keter wonder why the police couldn’t take him to the hospital but they hurriedly pronounced him dead and bundled him to the land rover.

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Alfred Keter

“He was injured and but he was breathing,why did they hurriedly pronounced him dead”,the MP said adding that a Country that kills its own students kills itself.

“Yesterday evening we sadly learned of the unfortunate demise of a University of Nairobi student leader and even more shocking is the fact that he was pronounced dead by police officers and bundled into a police land rover, injured but still breathing.

“With visible bullet wounds, the OB reads that he was ‘killed by mob justice'”Keter regrets noting that the contradicting statements at police station sound suspicious.

Keter recounts how Kenya has for years has experienced political assassinations before and given the political inclinations and tribal impulses to defend the accused people, justice has never really been served.

” Just to mention a few;J.M Kariuki,Robert Ouko,George Saitoti and most recent, Chris Musando and many others went and their deaths remain unresolved conclusively,”he states.

The MP states that unless government works on something Kenyans will rise up one day and acts on their own.

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