‘Whose errand boy a you?’ Angry Noordin Haji fires back at Noisy Nandi Governor

DPP Noordin Haji has asked Nandi governor Stephen Sang to name his master in an ongoing war of words.

Early this week, Sang called DCI George Kinoti an ‘errand boy’ who had been given specific orders by the President to harass the Kalenjin Community.

Nandi Governor Stephen Sang at Ziwa in Uasin Gishu on March 12.

“We will not allow you to use Kinoti and the DPP to fight political battles and we fear you are taking this country to the dogs,” Sang said.

The governor said the President should stop bastardising projects in Rift Valley and harassing civil servants from the Kalenjin community.

But Noordin Haji has come out to ask politicians to stop using derogatory words and politicizing the war on corruption.

Speaking during an Interview with Jeff Koinange, the DPP asked Sang who is his master. ‘Whose errand boy a you?’

“You are a criminal no matter your tribe; what you have done is steal from Kenyans and you must face the law.” he said.

He went a head and produced a list of all the corruption cases in Kenya according to tribes. “It is sad that we are trying to politicise and tribalise the whole issue here.”

Interestingly, Kalenjins are not being targeted by anyone.

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