Finally !!No more itching for ladies as KEBS to tests safety of always pads before use

The Kenya Bureau of statistics (KEBS) has assured consumers of always pads of their safety.

The agency has said they will be testing them before theyu are exposed to the end use in the market.

This comes after women expressed outrage claiming that the products cause rashes, itching and burns in the vaginal area.

A statement issued on Thursday said the outcome of the analysis will determine the next cause of action which could be market withdrawal of any substandard products.

The agency, however, noted that past surveillance of Always pads found that the product passed quality standard tests.

Citing the KS EAS 96-1:2018 East Africa Standard for Sanitary, the agency maintained that all brands in Kenya were tested and 90 per cent of them were found to have quality compliance.

Always ultra, Always Platinum, Always Maxi, Always Ultra-normal, Always Extra-long were part of the tested samples, according to the statement.

Meanwhile, women Parliamentarians have said they will put top management officials from Proctor& Gamble Kenya to task over the quality of their products.

“It is unacceptable that our women should be subjected to substandard products by a conglomerate,” they said adding that they will be meeting to deliberate on the complaints against the Always pads later on Thursday.

Kes is mandated to ensure standardization of the products in the market.

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