Parents tired of buying new sheets & necessary items following rampant fires in boys school

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Anyone who has been through high school knows that it is one of the most challenging financial times a parent goes through to ensure a good future for their children.

Parents get disappointed when this efforts are wasted or undermined by the students.Feeling great pain right now are parents of a burnt boys High School.

Property of unknown value was destroyed after a Wednesday morning fire gutted down one of the dormitories at the Chewoyet Boys School, in Kapenguria, West Pokot County.

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The dormitory, one of the newest in the school was reduced into ashes and nothing was salvaged in the 5.00 am fire.

The Parents Teacher’s Association (PTA) chairman Mr Tingaa Phillip also told parents that the security team and the school executive will meet and deliberate on the way forward.

“The dormitory and property worth millions of shillings were destroyed. Boxes, uniforms, bedding, beds and books were reduced to ashes” he said.

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However, the angry parents who were at the school demanded an explanation from the school principal on why the school has been experiencing frequent fires.

One of the parents Mansour Mohammed said that they are tired of their students being sent home to buy bedding every year after fire gutting the dormitories.

“This is the fourth time within three years the dormitory is being razed, we won’t leave this school until we get a solution. We are tired of paying extra money to cater for the damages caused by fires,” he said.

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Another parent, Easther Chepurayi lamented that their students should not be sent home because they are not ready to cater for the damages.

The Kapenguria Member of County assembly Maddy Plakou noted that parents are struggling to pay school fees for their children and yet the school has never come out with a long term solution to combat school fires.

“The CCTVs were rolling, they should show us who caused the fire and at what time,” he said.

Chewoyet national school has experienced four dormitory fires since 2016.

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