More deaths reported in Turkana as hunger strikes

Just recently, Turkana County Governor Josephat Nanok asked well wishers to donate relief food. At the time, the hunger striken County had not yet witnessed the bitter part of the situation. Two people have died from hunger in the Nanok-led county.

In Kang’irasai village, Turkana Central, a woman was found dead in the bush. Villagers say she could have died on March 5 after staying for long without food and water. She was found near burning charcoal.

The county government has called for well-wishers to donate relief food.

Resident Ann Erupe said the woman had stayed for a long period without eating or even quenching her thirst.

Chief John Ekwar blamed the death on the ravaging drought that has led to a shortage of food. Many more residents are starving.

“The woman is known for burning charcoal and doing other menial jobs to get something to eat,” he said.

Ekwar said only the woman had died, but residents said an elderly man died on Saturday in Elelea village, Turkana Central. He had starved for four days, they said, urging the authorities to have the right data on the situation.

Most residents are pastoralists. Water sources have dried up and there is no pasture for the animals, which are also dying. The surviving animals are emaciated. Residents have suffered huge losses.

“Most residents depend on livestock to feed their families and pay school fees for their children. We don’t have farms or food to keep our people going. Most of us are starving,” Ekwar said.

Water executive Emathe Namwar said underground water has reduced drastically. The last downpour was recorded 12 months ago. He urged the national government and humanitarian agencies to donate relief food.

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