Confessions: My wife does strange things at night, could she be a witch?

For years now, my wife has been acting strange and I don’t know what to make of this. Sometimes, I find her seated on the floor in the late hours of the night mumbling strange things in low tones and with candles lit around her.

On one or two occasions, she became hysterical and started rolling on the floor. She has unusual sleeping hours, sometimes she has secret boxes in her closet, among other things. When I ask what this is all about, she says that she is usually praying at night and that the things she sprinkles around are meant to sanctify our house and get rid of evil spirits. I don’t buy any of this because I think she behaves more like a witch than a Christian. We are Christians and she is even ‘born again’ but I think she may be engaging in black magic. Please advise me.

Kindly help this Guy!

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