Opposition leader Raila Odinga set to shed more light on the handshake

Attending the 6th Devolution conference in Kirinyaga County, Opposition leader Raila Amolo Odinga who has vowed to work with President Uhuru Kenyatta, is expected to shed more light on the handshake during a meeting that will be held in Naivasha.

The Former Prime Minister has now summoned his ODM Party top brass to rally support for the referendum.

The meeting, which will be held on Tuesday is expected to address the proposed changes in the constitution including the creation of the post of Prime Minister.

The party could also address the issue of building new coalitions with emerging and new political parties as he seeks to remain relevant in the political arena. 

Raila has been supporting the creation of the post of the Prime Minister and reduction of boundaries. 

He argues that some counties are too tiny to realise development on their own hence the need to merge them. 

On Saturday, Secretary-General Edwin Sifuna confirmed the meeting.  

Sifuna said that the meeting is intended to make the party stronger before 2022 following the weakening of NASA. 

“The central management committee resolved many things on Friday, one of which is that we hold a NEC meeting to strengthen the party,” said Sifuna.

During the 6th Devolution conference, Raila insisted that the goverment should not apply double standards in the fight against graft.

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