Model seeking legal action against Future: I was told, ‘No fatties in the club’

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Rapper Future just might face a new lawsuit after a popular plus-size model said she was ostracized over her shape and denied entry to a popular Miami nightclub at the rapper’s request.

Instagram influencer and plus-size model Naomie “Nao” Chaput posted a now viral Instagram story over the weekend where she accused the rapper of denying her and a friend entry into Story, a club located on South Beach.

“And it’s not that I wanted to see Future personally, because I don’t give a damn about no f—–g rappers,” Chaput says in the video. “But it’s the fact that it’s a thing in 2019 where we can say ‘no fatties in the club.’”

According to Chaput’s publicist Daniel Bouabdo, as the women were heading out they received a message from the club’s promoter who told them to not bother coming because Future asked for no “fatties.”

In a second video, Chaput’s friend can be heard saying that the practice is standard for South Beach clubs. “So the promoter said that at Future’s request, no big girls allowed in club Story. It’s on South Beach, it’s common, no plus-sizes,” she says.

Although little details are known, Chaput is reportedly contemplating taking legal action and hired a Miami law firm.

On Friday, Future denied the allegation in a tweet. “STOP CAPPIN ON MY NAME…I love all women,” he wrote.

Bouabdo told Buzzfeed that he’s had difficulty getting in contact with the club promoters or Future’s team.

But Chaput shared that she had contact with the rapper after contacting him through a direct message on Instagram. In the messages Chaput explains that she wants to clear up the situation and asked Future to disassociate with the nightclub and its “fat phobic ways.”

“U lied on my name,” his alleged response reads. “U should’ve said story told u that s–t.”

In a second message Chaput tells the rapper that she would like nothing more than to have a conversation about the incident, but the rapper has been inaccessible. “If you condone this behavior, your call not mine,” she wrote.

“U condone accusing the wrong person and lying…that’s evil! Spread the truth next time when you falsely accuse someone! Your call!” his response read.

“Nobody denied this behavior, nobody disassociated themselves from this type of behavior,” Bouabdo told Buzzfeed.

“We would like to believe that Future doesn’t condone such behavior but he’s leaving Nao no choice but to ask for an apology. It’s been now over 72 hours, and I still don’t have any answers for his publicist or his manager,” he continued.

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