DCI trick that got CS Rotich vomiting allover his shoes

In their last leg of questioning, the DCI got more than they were looking for when their sophisticated interrogation techniques had CS Rotich revealing more than asked.

Short but intensive questioning

Rotich , was questioned for a second day in a row yesterday by police over the Arror and Kimwarer dams saga, which is currently under investigations by the Serious Crime Unit.

The DCI had the Cabinet Secretary questioned for a number of days in short but intensive sessions that sought to reveal just how far the rot in public institutions had reached.

Last evening, highly placed sources told the Star, police after the third round of questioning found reasons to press charges against the CS.

“We will be recommending his prosecution for failure to safeguard public money “said a senior officer who spoke on condition of anonymity.

The Star established yesterday, the investigators had put emphasis on the Sh21 billion that Treasury released for the construction of the two dams.

Yesterday, the CS was grilled on a wide range of issues including the possibility that the companies awarded the cash would collapse with public funds.

Safety of public funds

 “We sought to know the safety of the public funds now that the company that was to do the job is facing financial problems,” the investigator said.

Rotich arrived at the DCI headquarters, Kiambu Road by 9am. His lawyer Katwa Kigen had arrived earlier.

Next week, DCI investigators plan to summon senior officials from the Ministry of Agriculture for questioning over the same matter.

13 hours

Rotich was on Tuesday questioned by DCI investigators for a record 13 hours.

 Sources at DCI said the CS was required to provide further details on the two projects. Officials from the Director of Public Prosecution who are helping in the investigations, raised issues which the investigators were required to question the CS.

Rotich was pressed

The investigators further pressed the CS on issues relating to payments to companies involved in the construction and insurance of the two projects.

Sources said Rotich, owing to the executive nature of his position, was required to answer to all queries related to the financing of the project.

Treasury PS, Kamau Thugge, who is the accounting officer in the ministry, has also recorded statements with the police.

Rotich last week said advance payment made to the contractor of the two dams was done within the law.

In a paid up advertisement, Rotich said media reports that Sh28 billion had been misappropriated were misleading and damaging to government’s image.

“We would like to stress that all projects whether domestic or externally funded are implemented in strict adherence to the law and in accordance with the commercial and financing agreements,” he said.

“In this particular case, if there were any breaches, the ongoing investigations will capture that.”

Shady procurement

He said the law had been followed and that , the Public Procurement and Disposal Act 2015, the contractor of the projects; Service Assicurativi Del Comercio Estero (SACE) of Italy was entitled to 15 per cent advance payment.

He stated that Treasury had approved payment of Sh4.3 billion for Arror dam as advance payment under the Facility Agreement and the Commercial contract signed between the Kerio Valley Development Authority and SACE.

The advance payment was meant to facilitate the contractor to move to the site and start a project implementation.

The money was part of the loan facility advanced by SACE and not from the exchequer.

The DCI has summoned 107 companies, including 27 directors, to record statements over payments they received concerning the two projects in Elgeyo Marakwet county.

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