Aunt from hell and 3 other women who brutally killed 14-year Eastleigh girl and secretly buried her to be charged

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Four women will charged with the murder of a 14 year-old girl in Eastleigh Estate.

The suspects include the girl’s 28 year-old aunt Nathifa Mohamed, who lived with her.

The deceased, Asmahan Abdisalan is suspected to have been brutally murdered in her aunt’s house.

Police suspect unknown number of men, women, and children were also in the house during the incident.

Neighbours told police that the girl used to be locked in the house after she stopped attending school months ago.

“From the autopsy, she was killed with a blunt object. There were injuries in the head and other parts of the body. The autopsy, done last Tuesday, showed the body had multiple injuries,” said James Koech, Parklands deputy Directorate of Criminal Investigation.

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The suspects wanted to secretly bury the girl on February 24. However, police intercepted the body at a South C mosque where it had been ferried in an ambulance.

According to police, the body had been cleaned and ready for burial.

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