Wamalwa blows Raila’s trumpets turning him to a demigod

The Cabinet Secretary for Devolution Mr Eugene Wamalwa has praised the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga in a might way.

Speaking during the 6th Devolution is hitting its third day in Kirinyaga County, Eugune Wamalwa has praised Hon Raila Odinga for his concerted efforts to make sure that the dreams of devolution have become a reality.

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Eugene has praised Raila for all making time for the devolution conferences bearing in mind that he has attended all of them.

He has also appreciated his efforts in championing of democracy and also devolution.

Furthermore Wamalwa has appreciated the sacrifices and contributions Raila has made to make the nation be where it is today.

Raila makes his 6th devolution speak as President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy opened the conference both insisting that the war against corruption is still on.


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