Matiangi warns rogue officials over mismanaging police sacco funds


Interior CS Fred Matiangi has today warned rogue officials over mismanaging police Sacco funds.

Matiangi also urged police officers to embrace a savings culture in their quest for financial independence.

Speaking during this year’s delegates meeting for police sacco, the CS stated that rogue officials mismanaging funds in the co-operative movement will be prosecuted after the conclusion of investigations.


This warning comes at a time when the government has strengthened efforts to kick out corruption.

The Government has made sure that the corrupt officials will be rooted out from every department in order to clean up the systems.

A number of leaders have in several instances stated that the best way to deal with corruption is by making the perpetrators feel get a taste of the bitter feel of corruption; which is to put up tough measures.


CS Matiangi has been on the frontline to show his commitment in this war against corruption and this warning is one of the tough signals.

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