JKIA turns chaotic as union boss is arrested

The Secretary-General of the workers union involved in JKIA strike has been arrested.

Ndiema was roughed up at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) as he drove demos on Wednesday morning.

It was not promptly clear where he was taken

About six of the demonstrating workersl of Kenya Airways and Kenyan Airports Authority were harmed as police tried to contain the demos.

The General Service Unit officers in full battle gear plunged on the laborers who were reciting and waving notices with clubs and kicks.

Hours after the capture, Transport Cabinet Secretary James Macharia, who went evaluate the circumstance at the airplane terminal, marked striking aeronautics laborers and their association authorities “culprits”.

Mr Macharia kept up that the activity blacklist was unlawful and compromised to sack the striking staff.

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