Gents would you beat up another Guy for ‘chewing’ your girl?

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For us men, it is not enough that we love you.

Men have a lot of things to prove to women and one of them is ‘fighting for the love’.

Most women might like to believe that men fight to win their affections.

However, the aggression men display toward one another often has little or nothing to do with the woman in question.

Men are more inclined to engage in violence to exhibit social dominance.

The desire for procreation motivates men to use certain behaviors to attract women. Less is known about the factors that prompt men to behave aggressively when they are faced with competition for a woman.

Violence is a serious problem within intimate relationships. In social settings, violence can occur not just between two partners, but between two adversaries.

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Understanding why men become aggressive toward one another when they are in pursuit of a woman could help researchers design interventions and prevention strategies that target the root of the aggression.

Ladies have always wondered if Men will fight for her love.

Here are some of the opinions from the men:

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