Why Kenyans are running to Google to avoid being Blacklisted

Top Google searches list show Kenyans wary of being blacklisted by CRB

Global search engine, Google, has released Kenya’s top trending searches for the month of February 2019 indicating ‘How to check CRB’ (Credit Reference Bureau status) topped the charts locally. Surprise inclusions among the list of top 10 ‘How to’ searches were How to cook mandazi’ and “How to make spaghetti’.

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The rise in the number of people seeking to know their statuses could be commensurate to an increased uptake of loans, especially those offered on mobile platforms, and potentially an equally high number of defaults. Unsurprisingly ‘How to pay Tala loan’ came in at No.3 in the Top 10 How to searches. Being blacklisted means one cannot get credit from any financial institution, including banks.

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