Business Mogul Kirubi’s major plan to save youths from unemployment

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The youths in Kenya have for a long time been hopeless in terms of growth following the serious lack of employment opportunities once the energetic fellows are done with furthering their studies and search for income earning practice begins.

However the government has been engaging in project after project to try and sort this out.

Currently business Mogul Chris Kirubi has revealed his partnership with the National Youth Service to provide youth with employment through Centum investment Group.

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“Our partnership with NYS will give the youth an opportunity to participate in internships within the Group.

“This will prepare them for the job market and offer on-the-job experience and training,” Centum Investment tweeted.

Kirubi further indicated that a memorandum of understanding (MoU) between NYS and Centum will focus on the youth and how to align them with the Big 4 Agenda.

When we empower our youth we help in actualizing their full potential and in return they contribute towards economic growth of our nation

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