Back Like He Never Left: Alfred Keter Stings Ruto Like a Bee

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Alfred Keter is Back!! If you thought that the Nandi Hills Member of Parliament was just going to let the ongoing Dams debate pass him like that then you probably a visitor in Kenya.

Known to always put it as it is, Alfred Keter has come out to strongly condemn the notion being spread by a certain crop of leaders that a Certain community has been greatly targeted in the ongoing war on corruption.

Keter has also taken on Deputy President William Ruto head on and has asked the Country’s second in command to reveal the truth on what he exactly knows about the construction of the Arror and Kimwarer Dams Scandal.

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“I have read today that the Treasury CS said the money in question is about Sh20 billion. Even if it was Sh 7 billion, it is not like Sh7 which you can buy bread with. It is a huge amount that can be used to construct 200kms of tarmac road,” Keter said.

Keter has also questioned the high price of construction of dams. He has called upon the office of Auditor General to audit dam projects thoroughly before construction begins.

“The amounts of money used for building dams in Kenya are very crazy. We need to audit these projects to understand what makes them so expensive and so lucrative to the extent of attracting more leaders as suppliers,” he said.

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