This is why Jacque Maribe will be walking to job

The citizen TV queen, Jaqcue Maribe will not be driving to job any time soon. Together with her lover, Joe Irungu, they were back to the court for the mention of their murder case. The Office of the DPP said it will not release Citizen TV Jacque Maribe’s car yet as it forms part of the murder trial.

In an affidavit filed in court, the investigating officer Maxwell Otieno says the car and Jacque’s mobile phone handset will be relied on during the prosecution’s case.

Since they will be produced as exhibits, the court is not seized with jurisdiction to order for its disposal. The judge directed both parties to appear in court on March 13 to deal with the affidavits they had written.

Jacque has been out on bail the last few months while Jowie’s own application was denied by Justice James Wakiaga. Jacque is back to her work at citizen Tv though as an editor.

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