The Death of Kantai Highlights The Grim Reality of Neglect and Alcoholism

Kantai had some of the most mind-altering rhymes in the local hip-hop game:

My issues can’t be resolved with a tissue

God, that line still gives me chills to this day.

Clearly, here was a man that was blessed with the lyrical prowess, but cursed with the proverbial deficiencies of alcoholism.

In his heyday, Kantai rocked the mic and produce hit after hit that mesmerized Kenyan fans.

In fact, Kantai was so monumental in the local hip hop scene, that he paved way for the likes of STL and Papa Jones.

For those that don’t remember, here is STL’s first major hit, courtesy of Kantai:

Indeed, Kantai had a great start. But we have to ask ourselves, what led to his inevitable fall from grace? Was it only alcoholism or something much deeper?

Secondly, where was STL, who is now a world-renowned musician, when Kantai was battling alcohol abuse and losing his footing in his career?

Image result for stl kenyan

Tough as they may be, these are the questions that Kenyans would like to get the answers to.

In the meantime, RIP Chris Kantai.

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