Judge lets Nurses boss off the hook but not without a warning

A judge has let off the hook Seth Panyakoo and two other officials but warned him of serious consequences should he breach the law in the future.

The three were found guilty of this offence for failing to call off the nurses’ strike despite being directed to do so.

The government filed the contempt case on February 15 after KNUN members failed to return to work as directed by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

At the time, Mr Panyako maintained the strike would go on and said he had no powers to call it off since it had been called by the unions in the counties.

Mr Panyako and the two other officials were asked to appear in court in person on Tuesday for their punishment to be stated.

They told Labour court justice Nelson Abuodha that they had not been served with court documents and that they had called off the strike.

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