Stop making us look miserable and small, Otile tells Jalang’o

Kenya’s king of R&B Otile Brown has responded to Jalang’o after he compared him and other three artistes with Wasafi Records artistes.

While writing on his instagram page Jalang’o said, “254 Do you know these guys Can take Wasafi head to head! Actually they are better! All they need is your support! What Do you think?”

However Otile did not take it lightly and he had something to tel Jalang’o on the same in his response he wrote, “Am not trying to attack you bro but enough talk about wasafi, we are good stop making us look miserable and small with all these debates every time, artist from other countries are watching. We ain’t small like y’all make it look, kama hatujafika tutafika tu, I believe the more you work hard and smart the more you level up. And you can’t force anybody to support you or support what they don’t feel…..watu wapambane, there’s no other way around it….”

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