Why Joseph Kori was suspiciously Released in the middle of the night

Investigations into the murder of Mary Wambui, has taken another twist after detectives released one of the key suspects Joseph Kori.

Kori was suspiciously released from Gigiri Police Station at around 9PM on Thursday night. Detectives have said that there is nothing that connects him to the heinous murder of his wife.

Kori was facing murder charges for allegedly participating in the killing of his wife Mary Wambui alongside the lover Judy Wangui.

According to sources, Mr Kori was picked up by officers from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) and interrogated for a few minutes outside the cell but was not returned to custody.

So why was he released at night? Does the law allow an inmate to be released at such ungodly hours?

Kori may not have directly participated in the murder of his wife but her death had everything to do with him. He is a womaniser who was messing up with even his former house help.

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