I no longer talk to Dennis Okari, Betty reveals

The K24 news anchor Betty Kyallo has revealed that her relationship with Dennis Okari is nonexistent, even as co-parents. Many a time, Betty has told her inquisitive fans that she is a single parent.

Betty, who parted ways with her husband, Dennis Okari says; ”I would really like to keep that very private. Maybe soon or later, I will be able to talk about it but for now, I would just rather not and keep it off the media.”

She however opened up to a fan who is also a single parent. The fan wrote to her; ”I have a son age 4 and a daughter age 2, their mother run away and as a father I took full responsibility to make sure my kids are growing up in a good environment and every day when I wake up I look at them, kiss them and I get motivated and the urge to hustle more so that they won’t feel the absence of their mum.”

Betty responded to her by saying; ”I love this. Much love for you and your kids. I resonate with you because I’m all my daughter has.” She added; ”It’s been some time now, the way people out there paint pictures might not be the truth. People might think we talk when we probably don’t talk. He might be there for us or not be there for us. That Is all I can say.

I am a single parent and as you know. Parenting comes with a lot of ties. You have to be a dad and mum at the same time. I miss being with someone and I can’t wait to settle down again. In fact, my mum keeps on asking when I will wear my next wedding gown. She wants me to bring a man home.”

Okari remarried to his new queen, Naomi Joy in a private wedding. Betty has been trolled down since this wedding happened. She also answered the trolls by saying; ” I stopped being angry at haters because everybody is dealing with some sort of things in their lives. There’s no one who’s perfect even me. People look at me and say, ‘Betty I want to be happy like you!’ but they don’t know the struggles we go through, even the richest of the richest is struggling with something. And therefore I just decide to ignore trolls.”



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