Riding the Matiang’i Wave? Inside the Memorandum Presented to Uhuru by Kisii Leaders

The Jubilee administration under the able leadership of President Uhuru Kenyatta promised to develop all parts of the country irregardless of the Political statements they made in the 2017 Presidential elections.

True to it’s word, President Kenyatta has transversed various parts of the country and initiated various development projects while at it.

Tuesday was the turn of Kisii County, a region associated with new Chief Minister Dr Fred Matiang’i who was elevated to the heart of the cabinet by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Kisii leaders took advantage of the President’s visit and presented him with a memorandum through Governor Ongwae, seeking state assistance to complete stalled projects.

The projects include roads, which the leaders said were funded in the financial years 2016-17 and 2017-2018. The leaders were concerned that the construction of the roads had stalled because they were not factored in the 2018-19 financial year.

They asked for the upgrading of Suneka airstrip to an airport but the Head of State declined, given the nature of the landscape.

“Discussions into putting up a bigger airport are ongoing,” Uhuru said.

They also requested the upgrade of Ogembo, Marani and Keroka subcounty hospitals to level 5 to decongest available facilities. The President said his administration will consider funding them.

“My government prioritises healthcare services so I will consider your request to fund the facilities despite their being under the devolved units,” he said.

He told the leaders to stop politicking about the Bunyunyu dam project and instead train people on its importance.

“You cannot be calling for a compensation of people who will be affected instead of first telling them the importance of the projects. There is no logic to use over Sh3 billion in compensation and yet the project is less than the amount.”

Ruto said he had commissioned many projects in the two counties under the President’s authority, including the roads the leaders mentioned. However, some of the projects have stalled.

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