“Police to Arrest 74,000 HELB Loan Defaulters” Says CS Amina Mohammed

Amina Mohammed has issued a stern warning to all Helb Loan defaulters, saying that the police will partner with the Helb board to issue arrests for current loan defaulters.

This comes after many individuals continue evading the responsibility of paying up

While headlining the launch of the Helb Board’s 2019-2023 Strategic Plan hosted at the Laico Regency Hotel, the CS says that the board will work in tandem with the police to arrest 74,000 defaulters, and the operations would begin immediately.

This move will be done to assist the Board to increase the number of students eligible to benefit from the loan hence progressively implement universal funding for all students enrolled in universities.

Here’s what the CS said about the police-board partnership:

“We are also going to partner with our law enforcement agencies to track down those holding jobs and yet are reluctant to stand up to be counted as responsible and patriotic citizens who honour their debts,” 

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