Nurses’ Strike Takes A new Twist As Some Drop Strike.

In a bid to feel up the gap of the missing nurses are currently on strike since 4th February, County Government of Nakuru has employed new recruits to replace the hundreds of striking nurses.

Nakuru level 5 Hospital medical superintendent, Joseph Mburu, confirmed the developments saying the county government of Nakuru has contracted 192 nurses to help in the provision of medical services to those in need.

In a similar development, Murang’a Governor, Mwangi wa Iria in a parallel meeting unveiled 200 recruits to replace those on strike. With this the governor noted with emphasis that the move is aimed at activating the President’s orders of having striking nurses replaced with immediate effect.

The county government reached an agreement with the nurses which they settled to have their issues implemented within 30 days, failure to which the nurses will go back to the streets. This prompted nurses in Kisii county to country to call off strike on Tuesday.

The nurses strike has seen president Uhuru Kenyatta’s resume to work orders with serious ultimatums snubbed and this has paralyzed work across many health facilities across the country despite counties currying out head count of a few present for work.

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