Miraa farm guard kills his boss’ son over mistaken identity

Dennis Murithi, a student at Miuine Secondary School sustained fatal injuries at the hands of their farm’s guard on Saturday in Igembe North, Meru County.

Local police had to come to the rescue of the 50-year-old guard as the locals were baying for his blood upon hearing the news of Murithi’s demise.

He succumbed to the injuries while undergoing treatment at the Maua Methodist Hospital.

The guard stands accused of fatally pounding the 18-year-old for allegedly picking miraa twigs on their farm, after mistakenly confusing him for a thief.

Miraa farm in Meru

Igembe North police boss, David Kirui, revealed that the victim suffered severe injuries on the head, arms, and legs.

The angry residents had rampaged through his compound and cut down several of his miraa trees before the police arrived and whisked him to the relative safety of the cell.

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