‘I speak 5 Languages including Swahili! Eric Omondi’s Italian fiance warns Kenyan women against backbiting her in Swahili

Comedian Eric Omondi’s Italian fiance Chantal Grazioli has sent out a warning to Kenyan ladies who are fond of gossiping her in Swahili. The lass sensationally claimed she knows Swahili perfectly well and that whoever dares to backbite her using the language is in for a rude shock as she will hear and understand everything.

Taking to Instagram on Sunday, February 17, Chantal shared a video of herself narrating an instance in which he caught two Kenyan girls gossiping her in Swahili at a local eatery. Chantal said she understands five languages which include Swahili, Italian, Kikuyu, English and Spanish, therefore no one can gossiping her using the languages.

”Hi, how are you, I am doing great. So, I am here to tell you I speak Swahili, in fact I know five languages, Swahili, English, Kikuyu, Spanish and Italian. There is day these two girls at a local restaurant tried to gossip using Swahili. One was busy telling the other to lower her voice because I could hear them, the other insisted I couldn’t understand a thing because I don’t know Swahili,” she said.

”When they were leaving they came to say Hi, they were shocked to learn I know Swahili and heard everything they were saying. So next time you gossip me in Swahili, I will know,” Chantal added.

Following her warning, her fans thronged the comments sections to congratulate her for knowing Swahili despite the fact that she has spent a bigger part of her life abroad.

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