A black mamba slithers out of a car in Baringo scaring residents

Kabarnet town Baringo County residents were on Saturday treated to a rare spectacle after a 10-foot black mamba snake slithered out of a private car.

The Probox owner claimed that the snake belonged to a retired chief from Riwo village.

This happened after the vehicle  was about to fuel  around 10 am in the morning at the Kenol Petrol station before the bizarre incident happened.

“I was trying to open the fuel tank when a snake suddenly popped out of the left front seat, I was really scared,” petrol station attendant Larry Kipturmet said.

The owner of the car had to beg to be spared by the angry mob .He however  refuted the claims saying he could not understand how the snake managed to enter his car.

“Please spare me. I am innocent,” he said before managing to speed off for fear of being lynched by the angry crowd.

Some of the residents were angered by the incident calling the owner of the vehicle a ‘witch’ and threatened to beat him up.

In October 2015, a similar incident occurred where a black mamba came out of a matatu while the passengers were alighting at the  Kabarnet bus terminus.

Baringo Senior KWS Warden Dickson Too said the snake normally strangles to suffocate its prey adding that it is the reason it hasn’t a history of killing humans.

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