Kenyans Angry At Ludicrous Title of Black Leopard Being Spotted in Africa For the First time in 100 years!

A story released by National Geographic is not sitting well with netizens!

The story in question claims that it’s been over 100 years since the rare and endangered black leopard was spotted in Africa.

This comes after the famous black leopard was photographed by Nick Pilfold, a biologist currently based at the Loisaba Conservancy in Laikipia.

In response, Kenyans took to Twitter to air their discontent and dispute the story.

The headlined published by the international organization claims that this is the first time that the rare black leopard has been spotted in the country in over 100 years.

On the contrary, there has been a sighting of this rare leopard as recently as 2017, which was taken in Addis Ababa, and is currently housed in Washington DC at the National Museum of National History.

Understandably, Kenyans were not pleased with the ludicrous comment on Twitter.

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