‘Ficha uchi’ campaigner found, fasten Caroline Mwatha’s search- KOT demands

KANU Party official and “Ficha Uchi” founder, Billian Okoth Ojiwa, has been found; two days after he went missing.

His wife Nerima Wako-Ojiwa, the CEO of Siasa Place and a columnist with The East African, shared the good news on her Facebook page.

“We found Billian thank you so much,” wrote Nerima.

Joseph Towett, the Kanu national executive director had earlier said: “The information we have is that Billian is in touch with the family members and the same has been reported to the police and therefore we’d give police time to find out the circumstances that came out of that social media circulation.”

The Community mobilizer  who is the chairman of the youth congress of the Kenya African National Union (Kanu) and also the famous for his Ficha Uchi Initiative that gives uniforms to needy children, hadn’t given any hint of where he could have gone according to his wife Ms Wako.

She said he walked out without carrying most of his possessions.“He didn’t have his phone, his car keys or his office keys. I thought he had gone to the shop. I haven’t seen him since then”.

Mr Ojiwa’s disappearance had happened just 4 days after activist Caroline Mwatha also disappeared more  raising concerns  on their disappearances.

Caroline is a founder member and case worker at the centre, Ms Mwatha has been documenting, lobbying and calling for police professionalism, public accountability and an end to extrajudicial killings.

Kenya Human Rights Commission Executive Director George Kegoro expressed concern that Mwatha’s disappearance might be linked to her activism work.

Kenyans are now asking the police to  fasten investigations on the activist’s whereabouts.

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