Miguna Miguna discredits Awiti’s win

Cyprian Awiti                                                                                                         PHOTO: SDE

Yesterday, 7th of February, was a blessed day for Awiti’s supporters after the court upheld his election.

The court ruled that former Kasipul MP, Oyugi to bear the cost for Awiti and himself. Awiti had in his 7,000-page appeal argued that High Court Judge Joseph Karanja erred in law when on February 20 he ruled that IEBC did not conduct a free and fair election.  Awiti joins Wambora on winning realm to secure the lucrative gubernatorial seat

However, on the other side of the world, general Miguna Miguna was not happy about the court ruling at all. Miguna has been acting as the watchdog, watching over the government and the citizens and pouring out his thoughts on Kenya’s agenda.

Putting his thoughts on Twitter, Miguna discredits Awiti’s ruling and with his sarcastic hashtag of #Say no to Ujinga.

“Cyprian Awiti epitomizes Kenya’s deprave, primitive and hopelessly rotten politics of patronage where grown men and women kneel, grovel and crawl on their extended tummies to survive after looting public resources and rendering their own people destitute. #SAYNOTOUJINGA.” reads his tweet


Miguna has been vocal about matters concerning Kenyans and has gained popularity for not following his ringleaders but focusing on what he thinks is right. His fate in Kenyan politics is not yet known after losing the Nairobi gubernatorial seat and even declining the alleged Sonko’s offer for deputy governor.


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